The View From My Kitchen Window

It snowed through the night last night. I mean, it really snowed last night.

The view from my kitchen window

We don’t often get much snow in Glasgow in the winter and when we do, it doesn’t normally last for long – in fact, it tends to be a bit of a novelty. Well, for the first day or two anyway. 🙂

A thick layer of snow covered everything when I finally got up this morning. This was the view at lunchtime today from my kitchen window. What made this fall of snow stand out was not so much the amount of snow which fell, but the fact that it fell in mid-March!

[Click on the image above to see a larger version…]


  1. When I took this photo, I thought I’d use it for the inaugural post on this new site – it seemed so obvious. In the end, I’m actually posting it five months after it was taken. (The re-opening of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum turned out to be the very first post when the site finally went live.)
  2. In this photo, I have done something I won’t normally do. I “erased” a television aerial from each of the chimneys. I also erased two telephone wires which passed in front of the snow on the roof. Normally, my adjustments are limited to cropping a photo, adjusting its brightness and contrast (levels and curves if you’re technical), correcting colour balance and finally, sharpening an image. I might, for example, selectively not sharpen something which I consider to be intrusive, but I won’t normally manipulate an image by removing (or adding) a feature.
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