Oh, What A Circus #3

I was busy at work today – we have a supplier installing a new system and I’ve to become involved with supporting it once they depart – and didn’t get to leave until just before 6pm. I had to rush home to grab my gear and then jump in the car and drive straight over. Fortunately, they waited on me.

6:50pm Actually, it seems that they’re waiting on the light to be just right. It sure looks fine to me! “Okay guys – I’m ready!”

High-rise block, covered with paint barrels

Ooh, look! they’ve finished covering the main face of the high-rise block with paint barrels – it should be really impressive when that lot blows…

There are definitely more people here tonight than on each of the previous evenings and the mood is quite jolly.

[Click any of the small photos to see a larger version…]

One hour later, still covered with paint barrels

7:50pm There’s still no sign of any action and my feeling is that it’s getting late. The sun is getting quite low in the sky behind us…

High-rise block, and temporary production “village”

8:10pm Ho-hum. The director called it off for the night – he just wasn’t happy with, I guess, the light. This “walking away from it” shot shows the high-rise block from the other side and also shows part of the productions crew’s temporary village of cabins.

Ironically, the sun has broken through the clouds and is gently bathing the high-rise in a warm glow.

Of course, this means that I’ll have to rush home from work again tomorrow to try to catch the big explosion of colour on the high-rise block…

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