Tree, Twilight, Mist.

I went to Pollok Country Park late on the last afternoon of my recent holiday. Seeing me carrying my tripod, I was asked by a jogging passer-by, had I seen the spectacular sunset? Great – not only had I missed the late afternoon light, I had just missed a marvellous sunset…

I had seen low-lying mist as I drove into the park and, having left the car just beyond Pollok House, I could now see that the ground was quite frosty – it really looked quite wintery. It certainly was a cold day and I was glad I had recently started carrying my gloves again. Walking along the riverside path, I passed the mill and continued for another five, maybe ten, minutes or so, before turning back. I figured that I wasn’t going to get any useable shots since the sun had dropped below the horizon and it was beginning to get dark. Happily though, I was proven wrong…

Twilight Tree In Misty Field

As I passed back by Pollok House again, the view across the river (the White Cart Water) to Pollok Golf Course showed a cold, empty landscape – devoid of even the die-hard golfers – layered in a low-lying mist. I tried a couple of compositions and came up with this one which I rather liked. I hope you do too.

[Click on the small photo to see a larger version…]

Sun sets, mist gathers,
Tree stands vigil over field.
Cold air numbs fingers.

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