Royal Exchange Square – A Canopy of Twinkling Lights

I was running a little late for getting my train home from work tonight so, rather than arrive at the station out of breath, I made a small detour to look at the magazines in Borders in Buchanan Street. I had forgotten that I had seen an article on how this year’s canopy of lights had been raised over Royal Exchange Square earlier in the week. Instead of browsing magazines, I grabbed a few shots from the back of Borders…

The fine building on the right of this first photo is the rear of the former “Stirling’s Library“.

Royal Exchange Square – west side

The second shot is looking down the north side of the former Stirling’s Library – that’s Queen Street in the distance.

Royal Exchange Square – north side

[NB: click on either of the small images to see a larger version…]

These shots were taken with “Ixy, the belt-cam”. Since the main Christmas lights are due to be officially turned on in George Square on Sunday (for those who don’t know Glasgow, that’s about a minute away) I think I’d like to try to return some time with Ixy’s big brother EOS – and Manny the tripod. 🙂

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