Glasgow Sony Bravia Advert – Update

The new Sony Bravia advert, which was filmed earlier this year in Glasgow, was finally due to be broadcast for the first time tonight.

I read somewhere that one of the reasons Glasgow was picked was due to the large amount of green spaces (parks, playing fields, etc) for which the city is renowned. We’re not referred to as the Dear Green Place for nothing. You’ll see from early scenes of the advert that there’s still a fair degree of truth in this, even in this day and age.

The advert itself was filmed in the leafy Glasgow suburb of Toryglen, which is now not only green but also red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and one or two other rather interesting hues as well! 😀

Actually, that last part is not strictly true – after filming was completed, a team of 60 people spent five days cleaning everything up. (For the benefit of anyone who’s concerned about damage to the environment, apparently a special non-toxic, water based paint was used. There’s some more information at their site if you’d like to know more.)

If you’ve already watched the advert, you might like to see the unofficial “behind the scenes” photographs I was able to shoot. See if you can work out where each of the action sequences I photographed occur within the final advert… 🙂

If you missed the advert – or if you’d like to see it again – you can visit their site and either view it within your web browser, or visit this page and download a copy of it for yourself. The downloads page has other bits and pieces that you can download as well: desktop pictures, a screen saver (Windows and Mac!) and the ubiquitous “making-of” documentary.

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