Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland

I’ve been staying over in Edinburgh for a couple of days to allow me to attend a training course for work. This evening, after returning to my hotel and freshening up, I wandered up to Princes Street to take a look at the Winter Wonderland. I have already seen a number of shots from the event such as this one and this one, so I had a rough idea of what to expect.

Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland

In the end, this is my favourite from the several shots I took.

For reference, Princes Street runs along the left of the shot (on the far side of the big wheel), while the train tracks into Waverley Station are just out of sight to the right. The photo was taken shortly before 8pm, from the back corner of the Royal Scottish Academy Building.

[Click on the small image to see a larger version…]

I hadn’t really been looking forward to this visit. The timing sucked: I was away from home for three days – a week before Christmas. And I haven’t been over to Edinburgh (through choice) in an age, never mind being there with time on my hands. (There were a couple of brief trade show visits, but they don’t count in this context. Furthermore, the most recent of them was probably five or six years ago.) So – the odds were against me enjoying the trip…

However, the weather has been great – we’ve had crisp, sunny winter days and clear, frosty nights, all of which make all the walking I’m doing a pleasure, rather than a chore. My hotel has turned out to be fairly good and it’s location (half way along Royal Terrace on the far side of Calton Hill, if you’re curious) is fine. In the end, I’m finding the visit really enjoyable. 🙂 I might even come back again – purely for the photography – next year!

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